Reg. No. 36/1991| SWC AFF 3849/1995
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About Us

Community Development Forum (CDF) Nepal, a national level professional Non-governmental Organization, is located in Doti district of Nepal. CDF was established in 1994 by a group of people who have had wide & profound experience in community development activities at the grass roots level, specially in the contest of far western region of Nepal. It was registered at the District  Administration  Office is (reg. No. 36 ) focusing on socio-economic development issues of rural communities. This encompasses leadership training, community mobilization for income generating activities including technological assistance with livestock, high value cash crops for Poverty alleviation and rural infrastructure upgrading. Equally addressed are health & sanitation issues, HIV/AIDS, as well as Human Rights and Advocacy on Gender and cast based discrimination and Peace & Development, as well as concerns about climate change impact on agriculture, forests, water & sanitation.

CDF has initiated community development activities in a partnership approach with district local level government agencies and NGOs as well as those on the National level.

Organizational Values and Principles
The culture of an organization includes those values that determine how the organization works and behaves. CDF has the following as its values and principles.
•    Participation
•    Environmental and cultural sensitivity
•    Pro-poor
•    Professional competency
•    Multi-stakeholder process
•    Economic growth and sustainability
•    Gender and social inclusion
•    Transparency

To make a developed and equitable society that exhibits harmony among its different groups where disparity between males, females, the dalits and backward community and those of the rest of the population, would be addressed.

To meet existing challenges and enhance the social and economical structure in the rural community as to improve the quality of life and a harmonious society.

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