Reg. No. 36/1991| SWC AFF 3849/1995
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Community Development Forum (CDF) Nepal, a non-governmental organization established in 1994, has been working in rural remote geography of Nepal especially Mid and Far Western Region in the sector of social mobilization, community development, public awareness raising, capacity development, Human rights and women empowerment. It is my pride to present a few words as the responsibility of President of organization that CDF Nepal has been implementing dozens of projects in the aforementioned sector struggling with a number of ups and downs, challenges and obstructions. We would like to express our gratitude to those who directly or indirectly supported and involved in accomplishing the activities since its establishment. In this regards, CDF Nepal welcomes all the supporters and well wishers who visit to this website and it helps to publish the basic information about the organization, its experience and activities. We hope that this effort will help to get the informative message and you are always welcome for your valuable suggestions and feedback. Accordingly, it would be greatful to go a head along with the feedback and suggestions received for the further progress and success of CDF Nepal.

Thank You.

Bhakta Bahadur Singh

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