Running Experience

Community Development Forum (CDF) Nepal, a national level professional Non-governmental focussing on income generation, livelihood, community development and socio-economic issues of rural communities through core group formation, social mobilization, technology transfer, skill enhancement, capacity building, social marketing and networking. This encompasses leadership training, community mobilization for income generating activities including technological assistance with agriculture, livestock, high value cash crops for Poverty alleviation and rural infrastructure upgrading. Equally addressed are health & sanitation issues, HIV/AIDS, as well as Human Rights and Advocacy on Gender and cast based discrimination and Peace & Development. CDF Nepal also concerns about climate change impact on agriculture, forests and water disaster risk reduction and humanitarians support. CDF has initiated community development activities in a partnership approach with district local level government agencies and NGOs as well as those on the National level. Till date, the major partners are RAP/DFID, GTZ, FAO, Save the Children, PSI, IDE Nepal, RVWRMP/DDC, UNICEF, UNISCO, CARITAS Nepal, FHI360 ,Good Neighbours International Nepal ,IPAS Nepal and Government organizations/ Institutions .



Project Name



Start Date

Major Theme /Intervention


Safe Abortion Project

IPAS Nepal

Sayal, KI Singh, Jorayal  RMP and Shikhar MNP of Doti

1 July 2018  

Social Mobilization, Safe abortion and Public Awareness Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Social mobilization, women group formation and orientation around 78 groups–each group around 25 women involved
  • Training and capacity buildings training and interaction with health workers
  • Social Marketing for safe abortion service
  • Maternal and Child Health and nutrition orientation
  • Conducted interpersonal communication training conducted
  • Organized Bhalakushali meeting at community level
  • Conducted Advocacy meeting and private network meeting at community level
  • Household survey, data collection
  • Media Activities for Behavior Change and Communication (BCC)
  • Coordination and meeting with District Public Health Office, Doti
  • FCHV meeting (monthly basis) at local and district level.


Saemaul Zero Hunger Communities Project (SZHCP) Phase-II

Good Neighbors International (GNI) – funded by KOICA through WFP

Pokhari, Gajari, Ladagada and Khirsen VDCs of Doti District

July 2016

Agriculture, IG & Livelihood Support and Food Security Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Improved livelihood development support activities
  • Income Generation Activities and support
  • Cash for works through community participation
  • Infrastructure development works – irrigation, rural roads through social mobilization
  • Cooperatives development and linkage development
  • Market linkage and development


European-Asian Partnership for Building Capacities in Humanitarian Action (PEACH)


Far west  providences of Nepal

1st October 2016 

  • Capacity building and training in Humanitarian Action.
  • Volunteer mobilization.
  • Response  on disaster
  • information collection
  • coordination linkage
  • policy making on disaster management


Community Development Project (CDP) – Livelihood Component

Good Neighbours International (GNI)

Pokhari and Ladagada VDCs of Doti District

15 Sept. 2016 

Agriculture, IG, Livelihood Health &  WASH Support Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Production input & technology & extension materials support to ultra poor IG member
  • IG Activity and support to entrepreneurs
  • Financial literacy training
  • Human resource support to cooperative and capacity development
  • Capacity building trainings on organizational management and governance
  • Entrepreneurship development training
  • Commercial vegetables promotion training and support
  • V-WASH-CC Strengthening
  •  Adolescent Reproductive & Sexual Health Education
  • Basic Utilities support to Health Facilities & ORC clinic
  • ORC Clinic construction
  • Birthing centre Management.
  • Drinking Water Supply Scheme.




Sayal,Bogatan and Adarsha RM

1 Dec  2018


Income Generation and Health & Sanitation Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Group formation and mobilization
  • User committee formation
  •  Tap Construction
  • water management trainings
  • Water Tank Construction
  • Toilet construction

Health Education, sanitation, saving/credit training and management , environment conservation activities and Livelihood Activities conducted