Past Experience

CDF Nepal Doti has more than 24 years of working experience in various sectors like income generation, livelihood, agriculture & food security, health & nutrition,  family planning, WASH, human right, gender & advocacy, environment protection, renewable energy promotion and so on. CDF -Nepal has completed more than three dozens of projects in the last 24 years. Of the total projects completed, 40.5 percent projects are related to community/social mobilization for participatory planning and economic development, 15.8 percent projects are on capacity strengthening and institutional development, 10 percent are agriculture marketing and value chain development, 13.4 percent are education, health and sanitation awareness, 10.3 percent are action research and development, 6.1 percent are natural resource management and climate change and 3.4 percent are governance and local development program. The summary of each area of experience has been presented below.



Project Name




Major Theme /Intervention



Agriculture and Food  Security Project (AFSP)


Doti - 10 VDCs

(Baglek, Kadamandu, Simchaur, Chawarachautara, Mudegaun, Pachnali,  Banklekh, Jijodamandau, Ghanteswor, Chhatiwan VDCs)

01 January 2015 to April  2018

Agriculture, IG & Livelihood Support, Nutrition & Food Security Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Farmer Group  Formation and mobilization
  • Mother Group mobilization
  • Facilitation for small grant for farmer
  • Goat Raising Group Support
  • Vegetable farming  group support
  • Small Irrigation 5 Places
  • Poly house construction
  • Micro-enterprise development through nursery development, IG activities, skill dev. training etc.
  • Market link-up and market system development activities
  • Trainings/Orientation/interaction conduct in community
  • Conduction and monitoring of Farmers Field Schools (FFS) - Krishak Pathsala  observation
  • Nutrition support and awareness activities.


Integrated HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support - Global Fund/SC Program

Save the Children funded by Global Fund

40 VDCs and 1 Municipality of Doti District

01 February 2009 to March 2018

Health Care, Nutrition and IG Support on HIV/AIDS – Prevention, Care and Nutrition Support Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Community and Home Based Care (CHBC) Services to PLHAs
  • HIV testing and counselling and referral for viral load and CD4 testing
  • STI treatment
  • IG support to Single Womrn (Ultra Poor, and DAG)
  • ART service / CCC for PLHA
  • ICC Center established
  • Group formation community interaction
  • Conducted Behaviour Change and Communication (BCC) activities at local communities
  • Outreach and home visit to migrants and community people for awareness raising
  • Cash Transfer Support to CABA under age 18.
  • Nutrition support to PLHIV.


Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Program - Relief Activities after Landslide in Doti District

CARITAS Germany through CARITAS Nepal

Doti District: 2 VDCs

(Daud and Toleni VDCs)

01 December 2015 to 30 July 2016

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management support focusing on relief support to landslide affected community and individuals including the following major activities:

  • Coordination with local government and stakeholders
  • Selection of the programme community
  • Social survey to update family profile
  • Procurement of Non-food relief items
  • Beneficiaries data cross check, dissemination of information on venue time and items for distribution
  • Delivery of Materials and Quality check
  • Distribution of Materials
  • Support to restart livelihoods opportunities for income poor households
  • Plantation and construction of gabion box
  • Formation of water scheme construction committee
  • Rehabilitation of one water scheme through laid down the new transmission and distribution pipeline
  • Conduction of Health Camp and emergency support
  • Monitoring and Supervision.


Rural Access Programme (RAP-3) – Social and Economic Development (SED) Component


Doti District (6 VDCs (Daud, Toleni, Tikhatar, Gaguda, Satfari, Chawarachautara)

01 January 2014 to 30 June 2016

Agriculture & Livelihood Development, Nutrition, Income Generation, Business Promotion and Market Development Sector working in the local communities in the area of market system development, Micro-enterprise (on-farm and off-farm promotion), Production, group mobilization and facilitated the groups to link with the local level for income generation, Business development services through Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) approach. The current focus of RAP-3 SED Component include the following:

  • Producer Group Formation and their mobilization (70 PGs)
  • Technical Training to Lead Farmers (Veg., Spice and Goat)
  • Market system development and interaction with producer groups
  • Production Technology Demonstration (Bio-pesticide, Compost Pit Making, Urine Collection)
  • Seed Support (Veg., & Spice Groups); Poly House Construction (2 nos.)
  • Micro Irrigation Technology (MIT) Distribution – Hazari, Sprinkle, Garden Pipe, Drip Irrigation
  • Breeding Buck Distribution (10 nos) and Goat Insurance; Fooder and Forage Land Development
  • Local Resource Person (LRP) and Village Animal Health Worker (VAHW) Development
  • Agro-vet Establishment (2 nos); DAG Support and Skill Enhancement
  • On-farm & off-farm skill training for micro-enterprise development
  • Market Development (CLN-3 & Rustic Store-1)
  • Economic Infrastructure Development – MUS-1, Cement Pond-2, Plastic Pond-1, Water Jar-14
  • Establishment of Practical Answer Service
  • Social Audit and Financial Audit for transparency and good governance.


SAATH-SAATH Project – Expanded CHBC Service for PLHIVs


33 VDCs and 1 Municipality of Doti

October 2011 to June 2016

Positive Prevention, Care and Support on HIV/AIDS Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Community and Home Based Care service provided to 544 PLHIVs and nutrition support and orientation in Doti district.
  • Counseling provided to 543 PLHIV under positive prevention component.
  • Organized 1 event district level stakeholder coordination meeting in Doti.
  • Organized 12 events meeting with Doti district hospital ART committee.
  • Organized 6 events meeting with PLHIV support group.
  • More than 600 person trained on HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination reduction.
  • 20, 000 Condom distributed to PLHIV and their spouse.
  • Distributed more than 10,000 IEC materials among key population.
  • Two (2) Times Joint monitoring visit by district level stake holder.
  • VCT Referral, Family Planning referral, Stigma/Discrimination training, Positive Prevention training, Care giver Training.
  • Special Day Celebration (Condom Day, AIDS Day, Candle Light Day, Health Day etc.).


Women Health Programme (WHP)


Doti-10 VDCs & 1 Municipality (Kapaleki, Bhumirajmandu, Sanagaun, Lamikhal, Daud, Toleni, Tikhatar, Laxminagar, Ranagaun, Kalena VDCs & Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality)

01 December 2011 to 31 December 2015

Social Mobilization, Family Planning and Public Awareness Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Social mobilization, women group formation and orientation around 78 groups–each group around 25 women involved
  • Training and capacity buildings training and interaction with health workers
  • Social Marketing for IUCD service
  • Maternal and Child Health and nutrition orientation
  • Organize CSD/QA-CSD at local level
  • Conducted interpersonal communication training conducted
  • Organized Bhalakushali meeting at community level
  • Conducted Advocacy meeting and private network meeting at community level
  • Household survey, data collection
  • Media Activities for Behavior Change and Communication (BCC)
  • Coordination and meeting with District Public Health Office, Doti
  • DIDI meeting (monthly basis) at local and district level.


Awareness Developing Project on HIV/AIDS in Five RSDP Roads


World 12Bank

Surkhet, Dailekh, Kalikot, Jumla, Jajarkot, Salyan, Rukum, Baitadi, Darchula Bajhang Districts (Mid west and Far west Region)

July 2012 to December 2014

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Nutrition Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Planning, coordination, social mobilization and implementation of community level activities,
  • National /Regional Level workshop conducted,
  • Training on  HIV/AIDS Prevention,
  • Community level awareness campaigns,
  • Contribution to HIV prevention in road sectors, orientation, interaction,
  • Dissemination of IEC materials, posters, pamphlets, leaflet, etc.
  • Discussion to support health and nutrition for PLHA.
  • Awareness raising activities to road construction area on HIV/AIDS, orientation for RBGs Group construction workers, local communities persons.


Iodized Salt Social  Marketing Campaign (ISSMaC)

UNICEF funded by USAID

All VDCs of Doti and Achham Districts

June 2012 to December 2012

Health, Nutrition and Social Mobilization Sector focusing on the following major area:

  • Awareness activities  conducted  for use of Iodized salt at community level
  • Group formation and social mobilization
  • Coordination and facilitated formation of different committee
  • National and District level Partnership development
  • Central Level Planning Meeting
  • Conducted training to health worker / FCHVs
  • Orientation interaction with local leader
  • District level workshop conducted,=4 Events
  • Street drama conducted = 25 Events
  • VDC Level Orientation VDCs
  • School Level Trainings conducted.


LGCDP Programme

Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality Doti / Government of Nepal

Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality, Doti

December 2011 to July 2013

Good Governance and Capacity Building Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Planning, coordination with municipality and other stakeholders
  • Implementation of social mobilization activities at local level for good governance
  • Conducted Training on Basic Social Mobilization to enhance the capacity
  • Formed the Ward Citizen Forums (WCFs) in 5 wards (ward no. 4, 5, 6, 13, 14) of Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality
  • Group formation, public hearing, community awareness centre established, facilitation about local issues and awareness activities on Good Governance
  • Facilitated ward level planning through social mobilization
  • Coordination and reporting with Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality, Doti and different stakeholders
  • Preparation and submission of reports.


Rural Access Programme (RAP-2)


funded by DFID

Daud and Toleni VDCs of Doti

Feb. 2009 to Dec. 2012

Social Mobilization and Income Generation Sector focusing on following area:

  • Social mobilization for Rural Road construction = 22.110 KM.
  • RBG Group mobilized =60 ,
  • Saving Groups = 1200 Person and RS 16,707,998
  • Cooperative formation =3 (1 Daud & 2 Toleni)
  • Goat Raising Group Support =3
  • Vegetable Collection Center =2,
  • Small Irrigation 5 Places
  • Polyhouse construction = 8
  • CCC= 8/168 Children
  • Local Resource Person Training for Vegetable = 2 Event
  • Local Resource Person Training for Fruits Farming = 1 Event
  • Drum Distribution for vegetable Farming = 40 Nos.
  • Bio-Engineering for climate change=1600 Bamboo plantation
  • Micro-enterprise development through nursery development, IG activities, skill dev. training etc.
  • Market link-up and market system development activities
  • Trainings/Orientations/ Medical Support / Public Audit/Street Drama= Regular


Design and Develop Learning Materials Program


25 VDC of Doti & Bardiya Districts

23 Aug 2011 to 31 Dec. 2011

  • Developed  learning materials in Nepali, Doteli and Tharu Language
  • Program Advisory committee Formation and coordination  consultation workshop at National  level,= 1 (NCASC,UNESCO,DOE,NEC, civil society PLHA)
  •  Coordination  consultation workshop at district  level,= 2
  • Trainings to Facilitators= 2 Events
  • literacy classes conducted  = 40   




FHI Nepal

24 VDCs and 1 Municipality of Doti District

Oct. 2009 to Sept. 2011

CD4/ART Service for PLHA, home based care & Support to PLHA, group interaction, trainings, outreach Education, Child and maternal health service through home visit.


Equal & Access Program

DHO Doti

Doti – 5 VDCs

(Kalikasthan, Bajhkakani, Khatiwada, Mahadevsthan and Chhapali VDCs)

May 2011 to July 2011

  • Community mobilization on mother and child health
  • Orientation to Mother's group,
  •  data collection related to health facilities,
  • orientation/trainings  on child health, women health at community level.
  • Reproductive Heath activities


Rural  Village Water Management Programme (RVWRMP)


DDC Doti

Doti District

July 2008 to July 2010

Income Generation and Health & Sanitation Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Group formation and mobilization
  • User committee formation= 9 Nos.
  •  Tap Construction=36
  • Jar Construction=21
  • Water Tank Construction=6
  • Toilet construction,=315 HH
  • Health Education, sanitation, saving/credit training and management , environment conservation activities and Livelihood Activities conducted (Vegetable farming).


Civil Society Programme

Search For Common Ground

11 VDCs of Doti District

Aug. 2007 to Dec. 2007

Good Governance and Capacity Building Sector focusing on the following area:

  • District Level Youth Network formation,
  •  Group interaction = 5 Events
  •  TFD Show = 5 Events
  •  Civil society capacity building training= 2 Events
  • Awareness Raising Activities on Human Rights and Peace Building


Community Based Water & Sanitation Programme



Lamikhal, Bajhkakani VDCs of Doti

July 2006 to December 2009

Water, Health and Sanitation Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Group formation & mobilization,
  • Local User committee Formation= 3
  • Tap and toilet construction,
  • Health Education ,sanitation, saving/credit activities = Regularly.


HIV/AIDS Programme

FHI Nepal

24 VDCs & 1 Municipality of Doti District

December 2005 to September 2009

  • Labor Migrants home Visit= 5030 Nos.
  • Spouses Visit= 3214 Nos.
  • ICC Center Established = 2 (Gopghat/Sajhghat).
  • Street Drama show = 5 Events.
  • VCT/STI Refer= 4207.
  • CD4 Count refer= 37 nos.
  • CHBC Service= 125.
  • PLHA Capacity building and livelihood training= 20 persons.
  • VDC Level Interaction= 16 VDC.


APPSP - Goat Raising Program


Daud VDC of Doti District

April 2006 to December 2006

  • Goat Distribution for 100 HH=100 Nos.
  • Goat raising training for Dalits = 1 Events/45
  • Buck (Boka) Distribution=4
  • Khor construction training =1 Event


RAP/RCIW Programme


RPN funded by DFID

Daud, Khatiwada, kalikasthan, Bajhkakani , Dahakalikasthan, Dipayal Silgadhi MNP of Doti

Oct. 2006 to Dec. 2007

Social Mobilization and Income Generation Sector focusing on the following major area:

  • Group formation and their mobilization
  • Road construction committee
  • Road construction coordination committee
  • Social mobilization/community development, awareness raising
  • Micro-enterprise development through nursery development, IG activities, skill dev. training etc.
  • Market link-up and bio-engineering works
  • Orientation training on Health and nutrition
  • Saving credit group formation training and supported to established cooperative in Bajhkakani.
  • LRP training for agriculture.
  • HVC production demonstration.
  • Social mobilization for Rural green  road construction
  • RBG Group formed and mobilized
  • Fruit farming= 5069 Nos.
  • Rice Distribution= 254.81 Metrc Ton Cash Distribution in Labor
  • Cooperative management  for strengthening
  • Goat Raising Group, poultry Form, vegetable  farming, small Irrigation
  • Trainings/Orientations/ Medical Support / Public Audit/Street Drama.


Community For Peace Programme



All 50 VDCs and Municipality of Doti District

August 2005 to August 2006

  • community mobilization on peace and development Interaction with Women groups about conflict management, Interaction, Human rights monitoring, youths peace action group formation, conflict transformation training, peace library established, Human rights education in schools, scholarship programme. Extra activities in school level /community level.


Income Generating Programme (UJYALO)

IDE Nepal

Mudegaun Ladagada VDC, and DSNP Municipality of Doti District

April 2005 to September 2007

Income Generation and Livelihood Support Sector focusing on the following area:

  • Multi Use System Construction 10,000 Lt. Irrigation Pond  Water Tank Construction= 5000lt
  • Drinking tap construction=5
  • Irrigation tap construction=7
  • MIT System for vegetable = 56 Nos.
  • Vegetable Collection Center Established = 1 Place
  • Agro-vet training=1 event 10 Nos.
  • Vegetable Group Formation and mobilized =15 groups
  • Goat Farming Group formation and mobilization= 7
  • Nursery management training=60 persons
  • VAHW Training=2
  • Saving credit management training, market management, Leader farmer training conducted


Peace & Development Programme



11 VDCs and 1 Municipality of Doti

July 2005 to February 2006

  • Orientation and Interaction conducted in community , Peace and Development campaign  in community , Human rights monitoring, District level peace network formation conflict transformation training, and peace library established, Human Rights education in schools.


Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP) and IG Support Program

DDC Doti funded by REDP/ UNDP

Daud, Toleni,


Manakapadi, Satphari, Nirauli  Dhirkamandu VDCs of Doti

July 2004 to December 2012

Renewable Energy Promotion and Micro-Hydropower Development Sector including the following areas:

  • Energy Production = 193 KW /2497 HHs
  • No of CBOs Formation and mobilized= 196/25-35 Each Groups
  • Improving cooking Stove= 510 HHs
  • Toilet construction=  694  HHs
  • Plantation =256 casts
  • Women empowerment, capacity building and orientation
  • Cooperative Formation & Establish=2 (Toleni/ Gadshera)
  • Saving and Credit =  Estimate 400,000-450,000
  • Goat Raising support=4 Group (Daud/Toleni)
  • Poultry Farming =1 Daud
  • Photographer Trn.= 4 (Daud, Toleni, Sathfari, Gadshera)
  • Carpenter training = Daud/Gadshera
  • Vegetable Farming=3 VDC (Daud,toleni,Gadshera)
  • Micro-enterprise development-Nepali local Paper production (Daud, Toleni)
  • Milk Dairy Production training= Toleni
  • Dalmot/ Masala production Training= Gadshera
  • Operator Training=  2 Persons each projects
  • Manager training = 1 person each projects


Power Programme

Care Nepal

Doti District

Apr. 2004 to Dec. 2006

Good Governance and Capacity Building Sector focusing on the following major area:

  • Training to local women leader about local issues, Local good governance / Decentralization, Conflict management Gender. 
  • District level Women Rights Forum formation


RAP/RCIW Programme

DDC Doti / RAP/

WSP funded by DFID

Daud, Khatiwada, Kalikasthan, Bajhkakani, Dahakalika, Mahadevsthan & Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality of Doti

Sept. 2004 to Aug. 2005

Social Mobilization and Income Generation Sector focusing on the following major area:

  • Social mobilization for Rural green  road construction for  = 44 KM. but  Complete  to run Vehicles= 4.5 KM
  • RBG Group mobilized = 139/3298 RBG Members
  • Saving Groups = 76 Group/1520 Person
  • Rice Distribution= 180.59 Metric Ton
  • Cash Distribution in Labour = 541,791
  • Cooperative formation and Estabilished  =2 (1 Tikha & 1 Bajhkakani)
  • Fruit farming=3(Rainy Season)
  • Fruit Farming Citrus =9 Places
  • Bio Engineering =12312 Plants in road  in corridor (Environment conservation)
  • Re-forestation =4.4 hector
  • Drip irrigation = 2 Places
  • Rain Water harvesting Tank= 44 Place
  • PLA=54 Class/1359  Women
  • Trainings/Orientations/ Medical Support / Public Audit/Street Drama= Regularly.


Improving Cooking Stove Programme

CRT/ Sunder Nepal/ RDSC/


Daud, Toleni, Dahakalikasthan, Bajhkakani VDCs of Doti

2003 to 2009

  • Construction  Improving stove In Community=  630
  • Local promoter production / Training
  •  refresher training  to promoters = Regular


Youth Empowerment Programme

Nagarik Aawaz

All VDC of Doti District

April 2004 to April 2005

  • Selection and mobilization to conflict affected Youth. Training to youth about Conflict management and peace building, Bulletin publication, Street drama conducted. youth Network formation and mobilization.


Drinking Water and Sanitation Programme


Daud & Khatiwada VDCs of Doti

July 2003 to June 2006

  • Community mobilization for tap and toilet construction, Health and sanitation activities conducted in community, saving credit group formation and mobilization.


Community Literacy Programme (CLP)


World Education

Daud, Kalikasthan, Bajhkakani,

Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality of Doti

October 2004 to September 2005

  • Discuss about Health education, saving/credit management issues discussion in local context through literacy classes, Social justice in women group.
  • Develop materials for literacy classes on local issues.


Social Campaign Against HIV/AIDS (SoVAA) Programme

Save the Children UK

15 VDCs of Doti

2002 to 2004

  • Volunteer group formation and mobilization, group interaction in community and schools, street drama show, TFD show, Volunteers District level network formation, SOVAA identified selected and mobilized to prevent HIV transmission.


Peace and Development Programme


10 VDCs of Doti

2002 to 2004

  • Orientation and Interaction with Women group for peace building in local level.
  • Training on Mediation and conflict management in community level women and youth.


Construction/ Maintenance  of Health Post / School Building

Save the Children Norway

Daud, Toleni,



2002 to 2003

  • Maintenance Health post / School Building,
  • tap and Toilet construction,
  • stationary and furniture support.


RCIW Programme in Doti District


Daud, Toleni, Baglek, Kalikasthan, Bajhkakani, Daha kalika Mahadevsthan,  Chhapali, Girichauka VDCs & Dipayal Silgadhi  MNP

2000 to 2004

  • RBG Group  Formation = 139/3298 RBG Members
  • RBG Group mobilized = 139/3298 RBG Members
  • Plantation for  climate change in community = 13603 plants
  • Saving  and Credit groups Formation and mobilization
  • Micro-enterprise development through nursery development, IG activities, skill dev. training etc.
  • Market link-up and bio-engineering works
  • Trainings/Orientations / Public Audit/ Women's Day Celebration= Regularly
  • Exposure Visit - Ilam Visit for Lead Farmers= 1 Event


Empowerment Programme

Lutheran World Federation

Daud,  Baglekh VDCs of Doti

1997 to 2000

  • Community mobilization, saving/credit group formation and mobilisation, Literacy class conducted, sexual education, Women Empowerment activities for Dalits and Disable Women, formation of women CBOs.


Informal Education Program

PACT Nepal

Daud & Toleni VDCs of Doti

1996 to 1997

  • Informal Education Class for Women Groups at community level.
  • Reporductive health Activities
  • Income Generation
  • Women Empowermenrt